He Will Rise

I LOVED this!!!!!!! This was soo beautiful and well-written. <333

Not So Perfect

Today, Jesus lies dead in His tomb.

Grief. Mourning. Anguish.

The followers of Jesus were heavy-hearted on this day. They felt pained; their bodies weary and their eyes lifeless- as if they could weep no more. Other people went about their daily lives, but Jesus’ friends and family mourned. They mourned and they grieved for their friend… brother… son… teacher. The Messiah, the Christ lay dead in a tomb: tried, convicted and crucified for a crime He never commit.

Yesterday, Jesus was crucified.

Humiliation. Agony. Betrayal.

He was dressed in a scarlet robe; on His head was placed a crown of thorns. He was brutally mocked by the soldiers- they laughed and they pointed. They flogged him. Then He was made to carry His own cross- the very tree on which He would die. He carried it on his back up to the place of the Skull. There, He was…

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